Section One: Introduction and Overview (10 minutes)

Welcome! This five-section educational module was developed by the Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine at the College of Family Physicians of Canada and is the second of an ongoing series under the FM Pivot Initiative.  An introduction to this initiative and details regarding future modules can be found here:  

Our hope is to inspire family doctors to re-imagine the ways in which they provide primary care to their patients with chronic diseases in view of the rapid evolution of healthcare delivery models resulting from the pandemic.  Covid-19 has brought many challenges but with them also exciting opportunities for improvement.   

In this first section we will discuss further details of this chronic disease module and provide an overview of the impacts of the pandemic and other global health emergencies on the chronic disease management of our patients.

Chronic Disease Management: Pre-Assessment Questionnaire
6 questions
Module Overview
Impacts of COVID-19 on Chronic Disease: A case study
Background: The big picture
Impacts Around the Globe: A Survey
Enrolled: 35 students
Lectures: 6