Welcome to FM Pivot!

Who are we?

The Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine at the College of Family Physicians of Canada is a hub of international collaboration dedicated to advancing family medicine globally through education and training, building worldwide relationships, and fostering research. Established In 2014 and based in Canada with a present membership representing 37 countries and multiple international stakeholders, the Centre advances medical education and training by:

  • Supporting the development of family medicine academic programs
  • Improving the training of family and generalist physicians
  • Strengthening the teaching capacity of family medicine programs

Why FM Pivot?

FM Pivot aims to build this capacity through an online educational resource for community family physicians and their educators. When you explore the FM Pivot site, you will find educational materials, open access online resources and discussion groups that aim to help you adapt and perhaps transform your practice when the next “shock” arrives. 

The central feature of the resource is the FM Pivot course, a series of thematically based interactive educational modules collaboratively developed by Besrour Centre family physicians for family physicians.  Starting in June 2021, we plan to release a new module every 2-3 months, with an initial series of five modules. Each module will focus on a specific topic within these broad themes:

  1. Community based research and quality improvement 
  2. Chronic disease management
  3. Mental health
  4. Disaster planning and response
  5. Virtual education/curriculum adaptation

Wherever possible, the module content will be evidence based, and will include approaches and perspectives from a number of relevant global contexts within family medicine/primary care, particularly those in LMICs.